Welcome to Global Solidor Enterprise,

The official website of Global Solidor Enterprise and member of the German-Thai Group.

We provide first class service since 1986.

Global Solidor Enterprise is a long-standing partner of the German-Thai Group. With more than 30 years of experience we cover various fields of service. Our main focus is in the areas of legal & notary services, insurance and real estate. Together with our lawyers at the German-Thai Group we are able to provide effective legal counsel. Our experts offer you sound advice and can answer questions about your rights and obligations. Additionally, we provide a range of accounting and consultation services.

Global Solidor Insurance has a large portfolio of insurance companies. Choose and compare between more than 20 Insurance companies. Our Insurance brokers can assist you to match you with the best policy to fit your requirements. We offer every type of insurance ranging from Motor Insurance, Health Insurance & Property Insurance to Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance & Travel Insurance (and much more).

Global Solidor Property is our exclusive Real Estate department. Here we feature many properties from the eastern seaboard of Thailand, most of them are located in Pattaya and the surrounding area. We offer commercial and residential real estate for sale as well as property rentals. Our agents assist you in finding the right property. We also help you bringing your condo, house or business on to the market.